New stations opened


Frelo is booming and will be further expanded! Freiburg has received 17 new Frelo stations with an additional 130 new bicycles in the past weeks.

New stations:

  • Betzenhauser Torplatz
  • Habsburgerstraße
  • Geschwister Scholl Platz
  • Heinrich v. Stephan-Straße
  • Schwabentorbrücke
  • Bissierstraße
  • Messe Freiburg
  • Tullastraße / Zähringer Straße
  • Karlsplatz
  • Wiwilibrücke
  • Laufener Straße / Haslacher Straße
  • Kronenbrücke / Wilhelmstraße
  • Pressehaus
  • Haslacher Straße / Eschholzstraße
  • Alter Wiehre Bahnhof
  • Schneeburgstraße / Andreas-Hofer-Straße
  • Hirschenhofweg / Dreisamhalle

In selecting the new locations, we were also able to consider some of your wishes. The new stations complement the existing network in the city center and the outer districts and are located close to important bus or tram stops.

The success story of Frelo is ultimately exactly what we and the city hoped for: a step towards a traffic turnaround! Statistically speaking, each Frelo was rented four times on the busiest day, July 31, 2020!

Keep it up, Frelo!