Frelo for pupils & apprentices from 16 up

From the age of 16 up, you can rent Frelo bikes at the basic rate or the annual rate. With the annual rate the first 30 minutes of each rental are included.

Frelo from 16 up - for all pupils and apprentices

 If you are a least 16 years old, you can also rent bikes in Freiburg.



Basic rate: 

  • no basic fee
  • 1€/30 minutes
  • max 12,00 € per day

Special conditions RVF SchülerAbo: 

  • the first 30 minutes per rental are for free
  • every further 30 minutes are charges in the basic rate
  • please provide your RVF SchülerAbo when registering in one of the Mobility Centers


If you returned a bike, you can rent a new one for free after 15 minutes. 

You can rent up to four bikes with one account, the benefit only applies for the first one. LastenFrelos (cargobikes) are excluded.


​How to get the Frelo-account:

Registration & activation

  1. Download: Registration form Frelo 16.
  2. Print the form and let it sign from your legal guardian. Your parents/legal guardian confirms our T&C with the signature.  
  3. Afterwards you need to go to a VAG Mobility Center (adress: see below). There you need to show the signed form and your ID card. If you got a RVF SchülerAbo please provide it to show to an employee. 
  4. The employee will then create your customer account..
  5. After that, you will get an SMS with your locking code.
  6. Now you just need to verify your account with your parents/legal guadrian, to activate it. Then you log in via website or via app and enter your means of payment of one of your legal guradians. 
  7. nextbike wil recheck your account and will activate it. 

VAG Mobility Centers:

  • VAG pluspunkt, Salzstraße 3, 79098 Freiburg (Mo-Fr: 8am - 7pm; Sa: 9am - 3pm)
  • VAG in der Radstation, Wentzingerstraße 15, 79106 Freiburg (Mo-Fr: 9.30am - 1.30pm and 2pm - 6pm; Sa: 10am - 2pm)

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike