All tariffs at a glance. 

Basic rate
1 /30 min

max. 9 € / 24h per rental

3 days rate
3 /3 days

first 30 minutes per rental are free of charge

1 € / every additional 30 minutes

max. 12 € / 24h per rental


3 days / Monthly rate: Include 30 minutes per rental for 3 or 31 days and are valid in Freiburg. In all other cities the basic rate will apply. The subscriptions don't prolong automatically.

Annual rate: Includes 30 minutes per rental for 365 days and is valid in Freiburg. In all other cities the basic rate will apply. The subscription prolonges automatically if not canceled in due course.

You can rent up to four bikes at the same time using one account. Special rates and conditions only apply to the first bike, additional bikes are charged at the standard rate. You can change your tariff in your customer account.



For RVF subscribers (RegioKarte Erwachsene sub, SchülerAbo*, RegioKarte Job, JobTicket BW): 30 minutes per rental in Freiburg are free of charge. After that the basic rate applies. Simply select 'RVF Abo' as a partner in your customer account. 

For students of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg and Hochschule für Musik Freiburg: 30 minutes per rental are included. Beyond that a reduces basic rate of 0,50 € per 30 minutes and 10 € per 24 hours applies. Students register with their student email address.

Find more information: Partners.

* Underaged persons need the authorization of their parents / legal guardians. See more information.


Returning bikes outside official stations within Freiburg is not allowed. A service fee of min. 20€ will apply. All prices and fees can be found in our price list for Germany

Price list for Germany

Download our price list here.

Account information

Addressee: nextbike GmbH
IBAN: DE46120700240401833900
Bank name: Deutsche Bank AG
Reference: only your mobile phone number